Arranging a funeral


Before you make an appointment to see your Funeral Director, it is recommended that you should hold a family meeting to discuss on the following matters:

  • Who will be the Decision Maker? This family member will be the main contact for the Funeral Director and also other service providers. In this way, it will not cause any confusion in the course of organising the funeral service. Very often, this Decision Maker is the person who will sign all the documents for the Funeral Director.
  • Is this going to be a Cremation or a Burial?
  • What type of service you prefer? E.g. Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Taoist or Celebrant Service.
  • Are there any relatives or friends coming from overseas to attend the service?

Cemetery plot details

For burial:
Please bring along the Burial Rights Certificate as issued by the cemetery when you see the Funeral Director. It is very important to find the exact grave number for internment.

For cremation: 
You will need to make an appointment with the staff member of the cemetery to arrange for internment after the cremation is completed. 

Dressing clothes

For burial:
Apart from dressing clothes, you may like to put in the coffin/casket a small amount of memorable items for your loved ones, for example, one set of summer clothes, one set of winter clothes, reading glasses (if applicable) and other items your loved one really likes. Please label your bags for “Dressing Clothes” and “Coffined Items”.

For cremation:
It is recommended that you only dress your loved one like he/she is going to a party with underwear and shoes & socks/panty hose. In Australia, we cremate a person together with the coffin/casket and family will be able to collect full ashes. In other words, the more you put in the coffin/casket, the more ashes you will have and we do not want to see it won’t fit ALL into an ash container.


Please select the best photo of your loved one (how you would like your relatives and friends to remember your loved one).

The usual size of photo is A4 size, framed with a stand. This photo will be set on a table or stand in the chapel during the service. After the service, this photo will be given back to the family to keep. It is better to choose a frame you prefer. In the event that there is a slide presentation, please prepare a still shot of the photo as the first slide so that this photo can be projected on the screen in the chapel.

Floral tribute list

The best way is to think of the colour scheme your loved one liked, say for example, pink, white and purple. Based on the preferred colour scheme, our Floral Designer will do the design with seasonable flowers of this colour scheme.

Below is our recommendation with regard to the type of floral tributes.

Basic funeral etiquette:   Casket Spray (to be set on top of the coffin/casket)
Surviving Spouse:   Heart 
Immediate children:   Open Spray, one for each family (premium size)
Relatives:   Open Spray (standard size)
Friends:   Wreath
Religious Altar (if applicable):   A pair of table arrangements

For your convenience, we have designed the Floral Order Form. Please print and complete it and give it to the Funeral Director. You can either use English or Chinese characters. Please write clearly on the form. Our Floral Designer will prepare tribute cards and email to you for proof-reading before she prints them out.

Death Registration Form

As required by the NSW Death Registry, the Funeral Director must lodge the Death Registration Form online in order to apply for the Death Certificate for the family.

You can print this form and complete it before you meet with the Funeral Director. There is information you may need to search and if you have difficulty in completing this form, the Funeral Director can assist you.

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